The Way Home

by Devakant

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This music is a deep fusion of sacred traditions from around the world. It is music to open the heart and enter inside to mysterious, unspoken worlds. Uplifting, rhythmic, melodic-sutras and chants from beyond time enchant and invite you to return 'home' to a place of deep peace within.


released January 1, 2010

All music written and played by Devakant: Voice, Bansuri, Shakuhachi,Duduk, Celtic Harp, Guitar, Keyboards, Japanese singing Bowls, Sho, Bass Flute, ElectriViolin, and Drums



all rights reserved


Devakant Italy

Devakant is a composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist exploring many sacred musical traditions of the world: Indian Devotional Music, music of Tibetan Temples, and shamanic traditions of Central America. He creates a unique blend of sound and silence taking the listener into a world of mystery within. Ideal for meditation, healing and energy work, relaxation, and inner peace. ... more

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Track Name: De Profundis
De Profundis, Clamo ad te (From the depths of my soul, I cry out to you) Don't hide your face..
Track Name: Omnes
"Omnes homines habes animam sacram; omnes animam sacrae sunt. O vos omnes, Audite." (trans. from Latin: 'Everyone has a sacred spirit; Everyone IS a sacred spirit. Listen, everyone!")
Track Name: Find My Way
English: 'Gonna find my way over this mountain,
Gonna find my way back home.
I'll take my time and go slowly,
won't miss no part of this road.
The night is dark, the snow is deep,
The wind it howls and there'll be no sleep
Till I'm home.
The dawn will come...."
Track Name: The Way Home
Spanish" Ya me di al poder que a me destino rige; no me agarro de nada para asi no tener nada que defender. No tengo pensamientos, para asi, poder ver. No temo ya a nada, para asi poder acordarme de mi."
(Translation to English: Ancient formula of Toltec warriors as told by Carlos Castaneda: "I am already given to that power which rules my destiny. I am attached to nothing, therefore I have nothing to defend. I have no thoughts, therefore I can see. I fear nothing, therefore I can remember myself."
Track Name: Don't Forget
"Everybody comes, Everybody goes..
Actors on a stage.
A name and a face in a time and space,
Success, Failure, living god or criminal.
But there's a silent place, deep inside,
where no-one's every born, and nothing ever dies.
Here, there, and anywhere,
from the very start to the very heart
Only Buddhas.
Shujo Honrai Hotoke Nari
(All beings are by their very nature, from the very beginning, Buddhas)
Don't forget that's what we are.
Track Name: Samsara-Moksha
Sanskrit: Tvam stri tvam puman asi
tvam kumara uta va kumari
tvam jirno dandena vancasi
tvam jato bhavasi vivato muknah

English translation:
You are woman, your are man,
you are youth, you are maiden...
You, as an old man totter along on your staff,
You are born with your face turned everywhere..

Sanskrit: Yo brahmanam vidhadati
purvam yo vai vedamsca
prahinoti tasmai, tam ha devam
atma-buddhi, prakasam mumuksur vai
Sharanam aham prapadye...samsara-moksha,
sthiti bandha hetuh..

English translation:
"Seeking freedom, I take refuge in the truth,
the self-lighted One who creates all...
the cause of the bondage, the existence,
and the liberation of the world."